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A Little Bit About Me

About Me

Name: Gary

Age: Late 20’s (Actually 30) #indenial

Occupation: Err, this is awkward!

Current Location: Toronto, Canada

Countries visit: 32

Illnesses: Travel Bug!!


Hey! Welcome to my blog, glad you could make it.


So, who am I?

I’m a 30 year old guy from Portsmouth, UK. In March 2016 I completed a huge bucket list dream of mine by visiting more countries than my age. New Zealand was country number 31 when I arrived on my actual 30th birthday. Pretty neat huh?

I’m a married man, almost 4 years now, to my beautiful and fun loving wife Claire. It’s so very cliché but she is my best friend and the perfect travel buddy for me. On the love scale, Claire is top followed by travel. I need to say that as she will end up reading this at some point!

32 countries is good, but I can do better. I want to digest more cultures and cast my eye on more beauty this world has to offer us.

Recently my wife and I arrived into Canada on a new adventure, ready to explore this gigantic and diverse country.

That leads me into what I’m up to now.

After I turned 30 back in March 2017, I had decided to begin writing this blog. It’s something I’ve been wanting to do for many years now. I even told my friend Kat back home in 2015 to “watch this space” for my blog. I’ve been busy okay?

So now in Toronto which will be my base for a while, I find myself with a bit of time on my hands. The perfect moment to start writing this blog and get this big ball rolling.

Sliding Doors Moment, what to do?

We were checking out Hanoi in Vietnam in January 2016. We were in our posh hotel room (curtosy of our travel insurance, another story), and randomly decided to apply for a Canadian working holiday visa. Both knowing that we had a very slim chance of just one of us having a permit granted. We left it in the hands of the visa fairies and carried on our journey towards New Zealand.

Then 6 months into our new life in NZ, out of the blue, we both received emails granting us a 2 year visa. It was one of those bitter sweet moments. New Zealand was blowing our minds, but we had another great opportunity to explore somewhere different. What do we do?

We were settling into a new culture, and loving it may I add, exploring all the time as well as finding neat jobs. I was working for a fantastic charity called North Shore Hospice. The most amazing team of people I have ever worked with, a bit of my heart is still there now. It’s one of those moments in life that you have to make a huge decision – “Do we stay in NZ or see what Canada has to offer?” A seriously tough choice to make…

We chose the latter.

Keeping to our adventurous and new experience seeking nature, we decided that Canada would be our next stop on this crazy chapter.

July 6th 2017, I touch down in country number 32 on my ever growing list.

So here I am, now a temporary Canadian. With maple syrup in one hand and a hockey stick in the other. Ready to concur all the grizzly bears it chucks at me. Bring it on. # stereotyping


What is my aim for this blog?

Some of the best and more memorable moments for me are when we discover a destination or even a food type that isn’t in the mainstream books or websites. I spend hours and hours reading books, brouchers and pamphlets about a destination. Only to find out what we already know. They all list the obvious tourist attractions that you can find on a simple Google search.

My aim is to not only let you guys know what I’ve found, but to become inspired by you.

Fantail Falls was a spectacular surprise.

Whilst driving from Franz Josef National Park to Wanaka, we came across a tiny road sign saying ‘Fantail Falls’. In the blink of an eye we’d missed it. It wasn’t in any books or on any websites. After deciding to turn around for the fun of it, we came across these beautiful falls. It got me thinking “how many of these kind of places are there in the world that we don’t know about?”

I want to know where the best ‘not in the books’ waterfalls are in the world? What the locals eat for lunch in Peru? Where the best coastal walks are in Asia?

I want your feedback on everything!


With a little help from Scroobius Pip!

If you’re wondering, the blog name comes from a Scroobius Pip track called ‘The Struggle’. As soon as I heard the lyrics ” My life on the road, town to town, city to city, time zone to time zone” something click inside my head. I’d been wanting to create this travel blog and was brainstorming for a name. Bingo! End of story.


Keep an eye open for weekly posts, category topic discussions and the occasional voting poll. #lovestatistics


Thanks for stopping by!


Gary @ timezone2timezone


A thousand excuses why not to write a blog.

So this is something I’ve been wanting to do for some time now and have kept putting it off and sweeping it under the carpet. It seems that there are a thousand excuses why not to write a blog.

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