About – Man Over Boredom

Man over Boredom is about a place for men in their 30’s to gain inspiration for new hobby ideas and how to start them. There is no specific area or category focused on here, anything goes. From collecting vinyl records to pruning a tiny bonsai tree, have an open mind and hopefully you’ll find something new and exciting that replaces your boredom or hobby void.

Man Over Boredom was  originally created for men in their 30’s to help find a new hobby, but this site is for anybody requiring a little inspiration for something new to enjoy. So please take a look around and leave some feedback if you’ve taken up on something new, even leave a suggestion for others.


Behind – Man Over Boredom

My name is Gary and as I reach the fair old age of 30 in 2017, I realised that I don’t actually have a hobby. Everyone around me seemed to have something they have a passion for or ‘do at the weekends’. My wife and I have been travelling, living and backpacking around the world for a few years now, but I can;t really call that a hobby!

I wanted something I could focus on in the background, build a collection of or have a place to meet up every week. This got me thinking about ideas and found that there are thousands, maybe even millions.

I first started making a list of ideas, this quickly became a spreadsheet – I love spreadsheets but turning this into a hobby was tough! Then something clicked, why don’t I create this list and expand on the ideas and share this with others. Even if I inspire one person, male or female of any age then that would be wonderful.

So please have a look around my site, be open minded or even fall in love with an old hobby you did as a child.

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