Help me find the best destinations in the world!

Tongariro Alpine Crossing, New Zealand.

Tongariro Alpine Crossing, New Zealand.

Help me find the best destinations in the world!

This all started out as an idea whilst being marooned on a remote Filipino island in February of 2016. Okay, so I’m exaggerating slightly for dramatic effect, but we were still on an island we couldn’t escape from. Well not until the local family who cooked for us everyday and provided us a bed dropped us back to mainland that is. Not quite Castaway 2 I know, but it still got me thinking…

My attempt at a blog, be gentle with me.

Best coffee in the world. Hanoi, Vietnam.

Drip coffee. Hanoi, Vietnam.

So hey! Welcome to my blog. A blog where I want people from across the globe to interact with one and other to share their fun finds, secret spots and hidden gems that exist all over the world. These could be anything from beautiful beaches, majestic waterfalls or even a funky coffee shop you’ve stumbled across in the back streets of Hanoi (which I did I’ll have you know, more of that later).

This blog is for people who are either looking for inspiration for their next destination, or for people to share with the world what they have found on their own little adventures.

So, my idea then.

Right, my idea for this blog started when my wife and I arrived onto this ‘deserted’ island called Joa Island just north of Bohol. Don’t get me wrong it was beautiful but after 5 days of walking up and down the only beach with no one else but the local pig. I thought maybe we should have tried a different island. Maybe?

Or when we stayed on the ‘paradise’ island of Boracay with the world’s whitest sands. True, their sand is stupidly white and soft, it’s like sunbathing on talcum powder, seriously. But where was the mention of the endless fast food chains of McDonalds and Burger King that lined the beach with the 24 hour David Guetta marathon in the background. Not quite paradise for me, someone else maybe, but not me.

I wanted to taste some exotic local food or trek to a nearby waterfall, but to our knowledge there wasn’t anything there.
“If only there was a website that could list local spots like waterfalls and epic walks. Or some ridiculous but tasty dish that are not mentioned in the mainstream travel guides. A website that people could rate destinations and give a very brief ‘must do’ tips without scanning pages upon pages of gumpf”.

Some examples would be;

Local Food – Halo Halo (desert). Viola’s Snack Bar, Camigiun, Philippines.

Waterfall – Fantail Falls. Mount Aspiring National Park, New Zealand.

Local Food – Egg Coffee. Giang Cafe, Hanoi, Vietnam.

Beaches – Whangamata. The Coromandel, New Zealand.

We stumbled across these whilst either chatting to local people or getting lost and finding them ourselves. Yes, this is of course part of the fun and adventure (for some of us) but so many people miss out on these hidden beauties because they’re not mentioned anywhere.

Some of the best destinations in the world are yet to be discovered.

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