Learn how to use a Polaroid camera

how to use a polaroid camera

Gents – Now is the time to learn how to use a Polaroid camera.

how to use a Polaroid camera

The original is back! That’s what they’re saying. Polaroid cameras are back with a bang and guys, get on board that retro ship now.

Why not learn how to use a Polaroid camera?

They say fashion has a 20 year cycle and it looks like technology now has a 40 year turnaround. Vintage and retro are words we are hearing more and more nowadays, and if you’ve recently been to a wedding you may have seen the good old-fashioned Polaroid camera, or instant camera (not being bias towards any brand here) doing the rounds. Don’t be ‘that guy’ who doesn’t know how to take the picture of 3 lovely ladies, impress them with your man skills and learn how to use a Polaroid camera.

how to use a polaroid camera

Made popular in the 70’s by Polaroid after releasing non-peel-apart color prints, Polaroid camera photos hung on some string on most walls around the world. The craze it on a comeback!

Learning to use an instant or Polaroid camera is not just nostalgic but very exciting. Maybe your first practice shot might not be a Vivian Mayer classic, but the anticipation of waiting and waving that flap of film could make anyone burst.

It’s appearance is always unpredictable which you may find fun. Waving the film around with friends or even by yourself can become addictive. Using a Polaroid camera also encourages you to step outside and start snapping away. Men, the world is your canvas.



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Man skills +5