7 reasons why you should start listening to vinyl records

vinyl record player

If you’re into any type of music then start listening to vinyl records.

Here are 7 reasons why.

Stepping away from digital, give your eyes a rest.

Listening to vinyl records is more of a hands on and intimate approach , you can’t just simply hit a play button and walk away. You need to carefully place or flip the record and gently apply the needle onto the spinning album. Absorb what the artist has meticulously assembled together and enjoy the whole album experience from start to finish, not just playing one track on repeat. Pick a record from your collection, play it from the beginning, pour yourself a glass of wine, sit back and enjoy.

If you must have an digital / MP3 version of the record, Amazon does offer a free digital copy too for over 12,000 albums, look for the AutoRip logo.

Small modern pieces of art.

Unlike digital music, each record album comes in it’s own sleeve specifically designed. They are like tiny pieces of artwork that can even be hung on a wall. Some have cool and creative features, for example Jack White’s album Sixteen Saltlines is filled with a translucent blue liquid or Radiohead’s King of Limbs comes with it’s own recyclable newspaper.

Sometimes you can’t help but by a particular album purely on the artwork alone. Here are some iconic albums you might recognize.

listening to vinyl records listening to vinyl recordslistening to vinyl recordslistening to vinyl records

You can’t hang an MP3 song on a wall now can you!

Cheap hobby.

It’s very affordable and easy to build up a collection of records. Yes you can pay a little bit more online for brand new vinyl from contemporary artists, but the thrill of finding a hidden gem at a flea market or local charity shop is so exciting. Second hand LP’s can easily be picked up for $1 each at yard sales, but if you’re a lover for brand new then Amazon or eBay are also great places to start listening to vinyl records.

It is recommended to buy a brand new record player purely on the basis that it will be in fully working condition and not been overplayed over the last 40+ years. There are many cheap record players online and even the cheapest will let you play your new records with good sound quality.

Sound quality.

There is a huge debate regarding the sound quality of vinyl records vs digital. It’s down to personal preference and will always be discussed. It’s interesting that a lot of Millennials are agreeing that listening to vinyl records has more depth in sound and emotion. Personally I don’t think you can beat that warm and sometimes crackly sound. You don’t need to blast it out loud and annoy everyone, sit back and enjoy those retro mahogany sounds.

If you’re a retro kinda guy then check out Polaroid.

Romantic experience.

Buying and listening to vinyl records is an experience. My Dad used to tell me stories of spending the entire day with his friend just to purchase a record. He would spend the day flicking through the selection of portable artworks, listening to each track one at a time, discussing with his pal which is better. Then proudly walking it home underarm and playing it again and again. He still has those records to this day, and will ‘hopefully’ be handing them down for others to enjoy. You don’t get that with streaming online do you!

Party piece.

Having a record player can instantly make you cool, this is a fact! When your friends come round for pre drinks or dinner, they will all want to flick through your collection of records and ask if they can play one. It’s the perfect ice breaker as everybody will want to ask about it. Anybody can discus even the smallest bit of music knowledge, and before you know it – everybody’s up dancing to Lionel Richie’s Dancing on the ceiling and you are the new boss.

New Music.

Sitting down and actually playing the whole album of a particular artist can lead you to new music. Nowadays people download one or two tracks from an artist and that’s it. These guys have spent hours perfecting 8, 10 or even 12 tracks for their new record, some of which won’t even get played once. Believe me when I say you will 100% discover new and more interesting music from many artists when listening to vinyl records.

You may even recognize an album cover one day and decide to pick it up, not even knowing who the artist it, you just like the sleeve artwork. This is another cool and interesting way to unearth and explore new music.


Many brand new record players even come with built-in Bluetooth and speakers fitted.


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Learn how to use a Polaroid camera

how to use a polaroid camera

Gents – Now is the time to learn how to use a Polaroid camera.

how to use a Polaroid camera

The original is back! That’s what they’re saying. Polaroid cameras are back with a bang and guys, get on board that retro ship now.

Why not learn how to use a Polaroid camera?

They say fashion has a 20 year cycle and it looks like technology now has a 40 year turnaround. Vintage and retro are words we are hearing more and more nowadays, and if you’ve recently been to a wedding you may have seen the good old-fashioned Polaroid camera, or instant camera (not being bias towards any brand here) doing the rounds. Don’t be ‘that guy’ who doesn’t know how to take the picture of 3 lovely ladies, impress them with your man skills and learn how to use a Polaroid camera.

how to use a polaroid camera

Made popular in the 70’s by Polaroid after releasing non-peel-apart color prints, Polaroid camera photos hung on some string on most walls around the world. The craze it on a comeback!

Learning to use an instant or Polaroid camera is not just nostalgic but very exciting. Maybe your first practice shot might not be a Vivian Mayer classic, but the anticipation of waiting and waving that flap of film could make anyone burst.

It’s appearance is always unpredictable which you may find fun. Waving the film around with friends or even by yourself can become addictive. Using a Polaroid camera also encourages you to step outside and start snapping away. Men, the world is your canvas.



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Also, if you’re into old school gadgets then you must buy yourself a vinyl record player.

Man skills +5